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Janet Treby Art Collection
For Janet, being human is about wondrous imagination, the musing of gods, and the observation of all that is magical in nature. Her work portrays the mysteries of beauty and love. There are two central themes in her work; firstly the dichotomy of action and tranquility, and secondly, the liberation of the human spirit from material restraint.

Her study of figures in motion show their attempt to escape from earthly confines; released from con... Full Biography.

Saturday Night Photo Saturday Night, Janet Treby
Carmen Photo Carmen, Janet Treby
The Dream Photo The Dream, Janet Treby
Silhouette Photo Silhouette, Janet Treby
Powder Room Photo Powder Room, Janet Treby
Mystique Photo Mystique, Janet Treby
Angel Photo Angel, Janet Treby
Quiet Moment Photo Quiet Moment, Janet Treby
Camisole Photo Camisole, Janet Treby
Indigo Nights Photo Indigo Nights, Janet Treby
Nude Study With Black Stockings Photo Nude Study With Black Stockings, Janet Treby
Desire Photo Desire, Janet Treby
The Home Coming Photo The Home Coming, Janet Treby
Take Me Home Photo Take Me Home, Janet Treby
Tranquility Photo Tranquility, Janet Treby
Enchantment I Photo Enchantment I, Janet Treby
Innocence Photo Innocence, Janet Treby
Florentine II Photo Florentine II, Janet Treby
Parisienne Twilight Photo Parisienne Twilight, Janet Treby
Contemplation Photo Contemplation, Janet Treby
Summer Breeze Photo Summer Breeze, Janet Treby
Mystical Light Photo Mystical Light, Janet Treby
The Golden Shawl Photo The Golden Shawl, Janet Treby
Desire Photo Desire, Janet Treby
L'amour Photo L'amour, Janet Treby
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Heavenly Morning Photo Heavenly Morning, Batia Magal
Budding Artist Photo Budding Artist, Lucelle Raad
Untitled III Photo Untitled III, Paul Jansen
Thunderbirds Formation Photo Thunderbirds Formation, Independent Artist
Portrait of Terrier Dog Photo Portrait of Terrier Dog, Independent Artist
Untitled Photo Untitled, Madani
Deer And Pheasant Photo Deer And Pheasant, Allen Friedman
Abstract Leaves Photo Abstract Leaves, Independent Artist
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